Talon introduces - O.A.S.I.S.

On-Site And Simple Interactive Software.

OASIS allows Talon's clients to secure counts instantaneously.
No longer will list managers need to wait for a service bureau to
run and provide counts!

The software is simple to use and runs on the client's own computer.
The counts run at the client's location - they do not have to
connect to the internet or hook up to a mainframe. The software is
free and given to Talon's list management clients.

OASIS is powerful and fast - counts can be run at over 200,000 records
per minute! Professional looking reports based upon the desired selects
can be printed by clicking on the "Print Counts" icon (see screen below).

OASIS was written and designed at Talon. Talon is the only company
in the country to offer such a powerful and easy to use software
program - free of charge.

Let's look at a sample count request to see how easy it is to run.

(Screen 1) __ This is how OASIS will look on your computer.
The first step when running a count request is to select codes. Talon
will custom program the necessary check-boxes needed for your files.

Screen 1

(Screen 2 - 4) __ OASIS is packed with useful reports. You can view and
print these reports instantly. Here are sample screen shots:

Screen 2
Professional looking reports are generated on-the-fly.

Screen 3
Counts by Job Function (We selected these codes on screen 1).

Screen 4
Counts by State and SCF are compiled during each run.

(Screen 5)

Another nice feature of OASIS is the ability to look at data right on your computer screen.
Click on the "Screens" icon (see screen 1) to launch this program.

Features of Screens include:
__ * Ability to look at the master file or names from the select.
__ * See how the select fields are designed and the information they contain.
__ * Search for specific text - find a name, city, etc.
__ * Print desired records from your own printer.
__ * Print professional-looking file layouts and dumps.

Screen 5

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