Talon Mailing & Marketing, Inc.
Merge / Purge Analysis

Run on: 01-05-2017
Mailer: Any Mailing Company
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 (s16H &l5C (10U &l0O

CASS(TM) Summary Report                                        See Domestic Mail Manual Section 708 for more information 
 A    CASS - A1                                                                                                          
     1. CASS Certified Company Name            2. CASS Certified Software Name & Version        3. Configuration         
      Talon Mailing & Marketing Inc.            BCC Mail Manager                    03.05.01.N   AAA                     
 S   4. Z4Change Certified Company Name        5. Z4Change Software Name & Version              6. Configuration         
 O    N/A                                       N/A                                 N/A          N/A                     
 T   7. DirectDPV(TM) Certified Company Name   8. DirectDPV Certified Software Name & Version   9. Configuration         
 W    N/A                                       N/A                                 N/A          N/A                     
 R   10. eLOT(R) Certified Company Name        11. eLOT Software Name & Version                 12. Configuration        
 E    Talon Mailing & Marketing Inc.            BCC Mail Manager                    03.05.01.N   AAA                     
      MASS - A2                                                                                                          
     1. MASS(TM) Certified Co. Name   2. MASS Certified Software Name & Version  3. Configuration 4. MLOCR Serial Number 
      N/A                              N/A                           N/A          N/A              N/A                   

 B   1, List Processor's Name                        2. Date List Processed            3. Date of Database Product Used  
      Talon Mailing & Marketing Inc.                 a. Master File  9/16/2016         a. ZIP + 4(R) File  6/15/2016     
                                                     b. Z4Change     N/A               b. Z4Change         N/A           
 I                                                   c. DirectDPV    N/A               c. DirectDPV        N/A           
 T                                                   d. eLOT         9/16/2016         d. eLOT             6/15/2016     
                                                     e. CRIS         N/A               e. CRIS             N/A           
     4. List Name or ID Number (Start ID No. with ID #)   5. Number of Lists  6. Total Records Submitted for Processing  
      DATA.DBF                                                             1                                    254,607  

 C     Output Rating   1.Total Coded   2.  Validation Period     Output Rating   1.Total Coded   2.  Validation Period   
                                             From - To                                                 From - To         
 O   a. ZIP + 4/DPV                                                                                                      
 U      Confirmed           239,701   09/16/2016 - 03/15/2017  d. 5-Digit Coded       251,591   09/16/2016 - 09/16/2017  
 P   b. Z4Change                                                                                                         
 U      Processed               N/A          N/A - N/A         e. CRRT Coded          243,754   09/16/2016 - 12/15/2016  
     c. DirectDPV               N/A          N/A - N/A         f. eLOT Assigned       239,701   09/16/2016 - 12/15/2016  

 D   I certify that the  mailing submitted  with this  3. Name & Address of Mailer                                       
     form has been coded ( as indicated above ) using   Talon Mailing & Marketing Inc.                                   
     CASS-Certified software meeting all of the         561 R Acorn Street                                               
 M   requirements listed in the Domestic Mail Manual    Deer Park NY 11729                                               
 A   Section 708.                                                                                                        
 E   1. Mailer's Signature                                     2. Date Signed                                            

 E   QUALITATIVE STATISTICAL SUMMARY (QSS)                                                                               
     For Informational Purposes Only: QSS is soley made available for the list processor's review and analysis. This     
 Q   information is not to be considered by the Postal Service(R) personnel in determining rate eligibility under any    
 S   circumstances. See reverse for a detailed explanation.                                                              
      Highrise Def.    Highrise Exact    RR Default       RR Exact       LACSLink(R)         EWS          SuiteLink(TM)  
               29337            94960               6              11             240               0               118